Business Negotiation Strategies

The fact that a company is ‘for sale’ doesn’t have to mean it is having troubles. Circumstances can require an owner to sell, even if the business has enormous potential. Maybe the business owner is having health issues. Perhaps the owner is older and wants to step away. The business may be primed for growth with many untapped markets, but the owner doesn’t have the cash or willingness to expand. We believe these opportunities offer significant advantages for our clients such as:

Proven and immediate cash flow
When we help you focus on businesses that are worth buying, it means there will be an established cash flow to cover both debt service and owner compensation. While a start-up may project lots of potential on paper, the numbers are only projections and reality may paint a far different picture.Business Brokerage

Operating systems in place
Use your management skills to refine a business operation, rather than try to start one.  When your time is spent efficiently molding processes and developing new business relationships you can quickly bring an increased value to the business along with higher cash flow.

Opportunity for growth
If the business you buy has an established reputation in the marketplace, opening doors to new opportunities can come far easier than with a new start up. Leverage the business’s name and history to add value and bottom-line growth.

Better financing options
Banks like proven cash flow and a start-up can seldom offer as compelling a story when it comes time to secure financing.  Further, motivated sellers can be wonderful lenders as well as business consultants and mentors.